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Welcome to the web site of Alessandro Bartola Association where you can find numerous references and information about the agricultural and rural world. The content of the site is dedicated to those who work in the field of agriculture, who are businessmen, technicians, public and private administrators, researchers and agricultural consultants. The Association, which is named after Professor Bartola,  is a non-profit organization which tries to promote and develop studies and research works, scientific and cultural activities in the field of issues that are of interest to agriculture and its interrelations with the agro-nutrition system, the territory, environment and the development of the local communities.

These pages have been written thanks to the contribution of some associates and are available to all those who want to exchange information and ideas about rural development. The gamma site content is limited at the moment, but we intend to make the number of pages and services progressively more ample for both associates and outsiders. The former, in particular, will be able to find in this site ways to communicate with the Association and to participate in social life by reading the reports on meetings; for all, members or not, the Association proposes a synthesis of the meetings and seminars, as well as an index of all publications. In addition to this, you can find on these pages a series of statistical information, some of them not available through traditional sources, and an annotated list of principal sites regarding the agriculture in Italy and in the world. If at the end you are tired of figures and diagrams, visit the section “news and links” where there are some pictures of agricultural landscape of the region of Marche and a series of sketches that try to make you smile. At this point, use the upper pictures for the access to different sections of the site, and enjoy your surfing!